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International Conference ORE GENESIS

The International Conference “Ore Genesis” will be held in the Institute of Mineralogy from 7 to 9 August 2013. The purpose of the Conference is to present new results of studies on fundamental and applied problems of geology, mineralogy and geochemistry of ore deposits. The official language of the Conference is English.

Preliminary scientific program:

  • Evolution of ore-bearing structures and models of ore formation
  • Comparative analysis of modern and ancient ore formation systems
  • Ore facies and mineral and geochemical associations as indicators of physical and chemical conditions of ore formation
  • Thermodynamic modeling of ore-forming processes
  • Current methods of study, forecast and rational use of ore deposits
  • Examination of the unique collection of black smokers and fossil fauna from ancient and modern oceans

In more detail on a conference site: http://meetings.mineralogy.ru/?LinkID=91

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